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The power of "on-the-spot" testing with timely results

The finished form of the BFS rapid test is in the form of a throw away USB device as depicted in the photo below.  The USB device can plug into a PDA as shown in this picture or directly into a PC for ‘reading out’ its pathogen detection information.

Using the PDA as a hand-held instrument would enable a relatively unskilled operator to operate the device in a plant environment with its operator use protocol being patterned after the hand-held luminometer's presently in the market.  A swab ensconced in a ‘blister pack’ of reagent would be activated by the operator who would then swab a surface to be tested, wiping the swab on the receptor area of the USB device which would then be plugged into the PDA for a reading and possible wireless transmission to a centrally located PC.  This user-friendly swab/reagent combination is patterned after popular luminometer products currently in the market.

Client Centric, Web-Based Reporting.

Another method of marketing the pathogen detection information represents the ultimate service for the customer as well as a services differentiator and revenue producer for our partners would be to create a secured website for each of our partner’s customers. 

The customer (or a partner service tech) would administer the test, plug the USB device into a PC and the information would be transmitted in a secure manner to the customer’s website.  In return the website would process the information and provide a report to the customer that could include not only the quantified detection of a pathogen or adulterant, but based on secure data storage and proprietary mining of same, providing an ultimate diagnostic tool that could forensically look at test results in a processing plant as an example, the way an ophthalmologist performs a retinal scan. 

Forensic Diagnostics, Predictive Analysis and Adulterant Detection.

This could provide for the customer a forensic analysis or pathogen trail for source detection as well as anticipatory response or predictive analysis enabling the client or a partner account manager to forecast or predict where a pathogenic challenge may occur, before it actually happens.  This service could be sold to the client or as an add-on to other partner services and patterned after the cable TV subscription business model.  That is, the client never owns the technology, but subscribes to the information and interpretation of same which is what he really desires.  The development of the web based collateral, pricing model and marketing program are services we can provided beyond the actual test hardware.


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