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Beacon Food Safety is a subsidiary of Beacon Biotechnology, whose 'break through' real-time BrightSPOT™ pathogen detection technology, designed for utilization in food safety, public health, the military and research, shows boundless potential to enable next generation point-of-manufacturing food safety diagnostics. These include pathogen discovery, bio-defense, and environmental testing and more. BrightSPOT™ can perform literally hundreds of diagnostic tests on a single drop of testing solution or sample, via a single-use; disposable device that provides data results in minutes!

Imagine Beacon's potential in the following "food safety" sectors:

Target Food Safety at it's source.

Beacon is realizing the dream of "on-the-spot" pathogen testing through its BrightSPOT™ detection platform and luciferase based diagnostic tests. By combining cutting-edge hardware, software and novel biology,


Real-time Food Safety Testing Solutions . Beacon Food Safety is poised to change the way food safety is managed, for producers, processors and distributors and those in the retail food industry.

Our goal is to improve quality of life through the assurance of safe food products, while simultaneously protecting brand value and reducing shareholder risk. While providing this service, we’re able to improve profitability, increase efficiencies, improve logistics and regulatory compliance decisions, reducing valuable inventory down-time so that critical risk mitigation and inventory control decisions can be made anywhere and ‘right now’.


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